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Xydia release version 1.2

Hello everyone,
the new version of xydia is now finally released and available for everybody, you can use it for free.
New Xydia-UI includes an entirely recreated version of xydia, which is much more stable and has smooth animations now.
Also included in the new UI, is a settings tab where you can adjust some themewise things, such as the top bar color and the window shadow color.
The Script Hub is no longer within the UI itself, it's now being executed into the game and shown as a Script Hub in the Roblox-Client.

How to make a Roblox Exploit

Hello everyone,
I just made a simple guide on how to create your own Roblox Exploit, using the free api from EasyExploits - https://easyexploits.com/

This video teaches you the basics and how to add the common functions used in a roblox exploit.
Not included in this video is a guide about the UI design, this video is just containing the functions.

New Site Update

Here will be posted updates!

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